The Sharpest Knives in the Drawer
Credits: Minor characters, joke filler, murder weapons (possibly)
Gender: Male
Portrayer: Dane Boedigheimer

Friends: Orange (possibly), Knife (possibly), each other
Enemies: Sharpener (possibly)
First Appearance: No More Mr. Knife Guy

The Sharpest Knives in the Drawer are characters who only appeared in No More Mr. Knife Guy. They are assumed to be much sharper than Knife himself, so it is assumed they cut very easily. They are "spur of the moment" characters.


They are a trio of very intelligent and nerdy knives. They all have incredibly high intelligence and are quizzing each other. It is implied they look down on knives not sharper than them.


When Orange tells Knife he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, Knife says "Don't even get me started on those guys", and then the other knives are shown, one asking "If My Atomic Number is 56, My Name Is What?" One of the others answers (Barium) and then the first one says "No more easy ones guys."


  • If my actomic number is 56, then my name is what?
  • Barium!
  • Very good. No more easy ones, guys. Now, if a train leaves Baltimore...


  • It is possible one of the knives is Peeler, the one knife peeled MysteryPotatoMan in the episode Muddy Buddy, or Shredder.
  • Two of the knives in the drawer are inanimate and are not counted (although their faces may be on the other side of the blade).
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