Passion Fruit
Aliases/Nicknames: Passion, Passion Cute

Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Credits: Protagonist
Gender: Female
Portrayer: Justine Ezarik

Death: None
Family: Mandy (sister)
Friends: Orange, Pear, Bananas (from The Exploding Orange), Turnip, Kiwi (from The Exploding Orange) (possibly), Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grandpa Lemon
Enemies: Jigsaw, Orange (Equals AO), YouTube, Grapefruit (one sided), Grapefruit's Sister, Grapefruit's Second Cousin, Grapefruit's Grandpa, Fred Figglehorn, Avocado Pit (first sight), Frankenfruit, Halloweenie, Liam the Leprechaun
First Appearance: Passion of the Fruit

Passion Fruit is a main character in the Annoying Orange series. As a female anthropomorphic passionfruit, she was originally the tritagonist, but later she was overshadowed by breakout characters Midget Apple and Marshmallow, and therefore became the fifth position character. Passion is currently the only female main protagonist in the series due to a lack of female characters.


Major appearancesEdit

Passion of the FruitEdit

Passion was taken out of a bag by Dane Boedigheimer. Orange starts complimenting her on her beauty, and starts to have a crush on Passion. Grapefruit, who didn't like Orange, tried to stop the romance, but failed as he was knifed.

Grapefruit's RevengeEdit

Passion returned in her second appearance in Grapefruit's Revenge and her main role was to cease the fight of words between Orange and Grapefruit's Sister.


Passion Fruit is cheerful, calm, and pacific, with the actions somewhat of a teenage girl mixed in. Orange has a crush on her, though recently, Orange just considers Passion as one of his friends (this is probably just to hide his true feelings for her). She can get furious sometimes when Orange talks about people in an offensive way, like when she discovered that he called Onion's mother a "funyun with a bunion". Passion is very intelligent and is often shown resolving abysmal situations quickly.



Main article: Orange

Orange is Passion's best friend and love interest. They first met in Passion of the Fruit. Although being good friends, Passion can get angry at Orange for having an annoying attitude toward others. In Food Court; Passion greatly helped out Orange by avoiding of getting witnessed and solved the problem.

In the TV series, Passion Fruit is shown to have a crush on Orange, as opposed to the other way around, but Orange is not aware.


Main article: Pear

Passion and Pear are good friends. Her sister, Mandy, is Pear's crush but implied love has not been seen. However, it may be seen in a future episode.


Main article: Mandy

Mandy is Passion Fruit's sister. They are twins, and are told apart by Mandy's bow. In Passion's Facebook and Twitter accounts, she stated that she will never be taking Mandy to another party ever again, meaning that the sisters don't get along very well, or she was embarrassed about Orange's misconception when he saw Pear and Mandy kiss.


Main article: Marshmallow

Marshmallow and Passion are probably good friends. In Wishful Thinking, Passion screamed when Marshmallow was dropped in hot cocoa. She probably acts as if she was a mother/older sister to Marshmallow.

Midget AppleEdit

Main article: Midget Apple

Midget Apple and Passion are probably good friends. In Wishful Thinking, however, in the world without Orange, they don't seem to get along well as boyfriend and girlfriend.


Main article: Grapefruit

Passion was friends with Grapefruit previously, but doesn't seem to like him anymore because of his several arguments he had with Orange. Grapefruit has feelings for her.

Grandpa LemonEdit

Main article: Grandpa Lemon

Passion is good friends with Grandpa Lemon, as seen in Wishful Thinking.

Liam the LeprechaunEdit

Main article: Liam the Leprechaun

Leprechaun and Passion do not seem to get along well, as seen in many episodes, such as Food Court. They met in the Liam the Leprechaun's spin off series.


  • She is the first character to not have been played by Dane Boedigheimer in the Annoying Orange series.
  • She is the third longest surviving character in the series, with Orange and Pear first.
  • She is the first female character to appear in the Annoying Orange series.
  • She is showed able to walk in the web series and the TV show.


  • "Hey! Watch the merchandise, buddy."
  • "No, I'm just a passion fruit."
  • "Yeah, I like your peel. Dimples are totally adorable!"
  • "Grapefruit? Wow, I can't believe you made it!"
  • "Shut up! What is wrong with you? Seriously, you think I care about flexing? And what are you talking about squats? You don't even have legs!"
  • "Oh, my god!"
  • "This kitchen is awful! How did you stand it?"
  • "We have a goat?"
  • "What was that, Pear?"
  • "Just tell me."
  • "We should be getting used to that sort of thing by now."
  • "Liam, what do you want now?"
  • "Your Honor, given your, uh, history with my client, I move for an immediate mistrial."
  • "You really said that?"
  • "Your Honor, the defense would like to call one last witness."
  • "The defense wishes to call" (half pause in effect) "The Annoying Orange."
  • "Mr. Orange, do you think you're annoying?"
  • "What about Mr. Pickle?"
  • "What about the judge, what do you think about the leprechaun?"
  • "You see, the orange is annoying, but that's only because he can't help himself. You can't make that crime. That's like arresting Mr. Pickle because he smells like vinegar."
  • "Or locking Liam away because he dresses like a dork."
  • "Oh, it was nothing."
  • "Hi, Orange."
  • "I'm not deaf, you know!"
  • "Seriously?"
  • "Hey, I'm trying to sleep over here!"
  • "That's for making fun of my costume."
  • "Oops."
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