Midget Apple
Aliases/Nicknames: Little Apple (real name), Baby Apple

Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Credits: Joke Filler (previously), Triagonist
Gender: Male
Portrayer: Dane Boedigheimer

Death: None but almost suffocated in a cupcake
Family: Mama Apple Other R.D. Apples
Friends: Marshmallow, Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Lime, Grapefruit (one sided), Grandpa Lemon, Bonsai Tree, Party Platter, Gourd, Yellow Pepper, Carrot, Plum, Mandy
Enemies: Frankenfruit, Halloweenie, Grapefruit (one sided), Coconut

Midget Apple (also known as Little Apple) is the main tritagonist in the Annoying Orange series. Midget Apple is a joke filler at his debut in the episode Crabapple, but eventually became one of the series's main characters. He is often telling people "It's Little Apple!" when he is called Midget Apple, which is offensive to him, but eventually got used to the name.


Midget Apple is a very small anthropomorphic Red Delicious apple who prefers the term "Little Apple" over "Midget Apple" for his name. The character originally appeared in Crabapple as a joke filler, and then was slowly made into one of the Annoying Orange's main characters. The reason for his small size is unknown.


Midget Apple first appeared as a joke filler In Crabapple, but then appeared more frequently, and took over Passion's place as the tritagonist.


Midget Apple played a minor role in this episode. He originally appeared as a joke filler because Crabapple was so small, Orange couldn't locate him. Then Orange found him and called him a "midget apple". Crabapple corrects him and says "that's (Midget Apple) a midget apple". Midget Apple says that he prefers to be called "Little Apple".

Then Crabapple says that he's stuck with "an orange who runs his mouth like a meat eater on rocket fuel, a crab who thinks he's a cowboy, and a freakin' midget apple!", then after making him claim "That's Little Apple!" (which would later become his main catchphrase as "It's Little Apple!"), Crabapple aforementioned that no one cared.

At the end, Pumpkin crushes Crabapple and says that "he sat on a midget apple", making Midget Apple say "Hey! It's Little Apple!" instead of correcting him, but to no avail.

Wazzup 3Edit

Orange said that Pear's "jealous" about Orange's "awesome vocal skills" and called Midget Apple for correction, but uses his catchphrase "It's Little Apple!" When Party Platter and Bonsai Tree showed up, Midget Apple was in the chanting. There was a brief interruption because Midget Apple had to sneeze. Afterwards, the chanting continued until Cheddar's death.

Happy Birthday!Edit

Midget Apple attended Orange's birthday party, but he was not seen because he was inside a cupcake the whole time, because of Pear. Midget Apple talked to Marshmallow and became friends, but Midget Apple says that they'll be best friends if he gets him out of the cupcake.

Towards the end of the short, he nearly burns to death before it passes on to Marshmallow (Orange and Pear blew the burning frosting away, which landed on Marshmallow). Pear tells Orange to blow the fire out, but he and Orange still call him Midget Apple untill Midget Apple finally loses his temper and tells at them to start calling him Little Apple. After the end credits, he asks if he could come out of the cupcake.


Orange, Pear (who finally calls him Little Apple as requested), Midget Apple, Gourd, Carrot, and Yellow Pepper are telling stories. Midget Apple tells the story about Halloweenie and the second time the light goes out, and Midget Apple dissapears until the end of the video. He says the reason why he was gone because of the length of the line for the bathroom, making Orange and Pear burst in laughter.

Theme Song Attack!Edit

Orange is coming up with a theme song with Marshmallow and Midget Apple using words that rhyme with "orange". Midget Apple comes up with "door hinge", but Orange disapproves of it.Pear shows up and finds out Marshmallow and Midget Apple are composing a them song for Orange, which makes Pear, Marshmallow, and Midget Apple present to Orange their theme songs.

Viral VoteEdit

Midget Apple, Marshmallow and Pear were seen counting up the votes.

Wishful ThinkingEdit

Midget Apple and Marshmallow are first enjoying themselves with a xerox machine at the Christmas party that Mistletoe (Liam the Leprechaun) wished up. After Orange's wish that he was never born and is at the world where he wasn't born,

Mistletoe tells him that Midget Apple is dating Passion Fruit. This was because Midget Apple beat up Grapefruit. After Mistletoe is revealed to be Liam and Orange is taken back to the kitchen, Orange reveals what happened there.

The Amnesiac OrangeEdit

Balloon, after being popped, landed on top of Midget Apple, blocking his eyesight. Then Pepper made Marshmallow

sneeze, blowing Midget Apple off the counter, accidentally hitting Orange and then hitting the floor, getting Orange's amnesia. Then the three birds got annoyed by the stars and started attacking him.

Wazzup BlowupEdit

He joined the Wazzup chain via a cell phone and began to annoy Cob. He also witnessed Cob exploding and was showered with popcorn as a result of Cob's death.

Annoying ValentinesEdit

Midget Apple was in Annoying Valentines when he recieved a Valentine's Day card from Orange, but was annoyed when the card was a modest joke. He also took part in helping Orange open his eyes to the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Kung FruitEdit

When Coconut takes over the kitchen, Midget Apple is pierced by one of Coconut's starfish and was made prisoner inside a golden cage, after Orange defeated Coconut, Midget Apple cheered for him and was freed.

April Fruits DayEdit

Midget Apple put on an Orange costume to trick the others, but because of Knife his costume deflated and revealed him in front of all of his friends.



Main article: Marshmallow

Marshmallow is Midget Apple's best friend. They first met at Orange's birthday party, where Marshmallow requested if Midget Apple could be his friend. Later on, they became best friends. Marshmallow is also (visually) slightly larger than Midget Apple.


Main article: Orange

Orange is one of Midget Apple's friends. They met in Crabapple, and Midget Apple was at Orange's birthday party. Orange often annoys Midget Apple by calling him that, but Midget Apple often joined in on Orange's funny escapades with the others.


Main article: Pear

Pear and Midget Apple met in Wasssabi. They seem to get along well. Pear appears to be the few characters of the series that make an effort to call him "Little Apple", at certain times.

Passion FruitEdit

Main article: Passion Fruit

Midget Apple and Passion Fruit finally has showed the friendship between them in Wishful Thinking. They get along, but in the world without Orange, on the contrary, they didn't, despite being in a relationship.


Main article: Grapefruit Midget Apple is not on good terms with Grapefruit, due to the names he is called by him and how he treats Marshmallow. He called him Baby Apple.


  • "We prefer the term 'Little Apple', thank you very much."
  • "For the last time, it's Little Apple!
  • ""Can I get out now? Hello?"
  • "Get me out of this cupcake and I'll be your best friend!"
  • "It's your turn, Pear."
  • "Hey, what happened to Carrot?"
  • "That's Little Pumpkin."
  • "Hey guys, did I miss anything?"
  • "Barely, you should've seen the line for the bathroom!"
  • "I thought elections were at the beginning of November."
  • "(laughs) This never gets old."
  • "He means little apple."
  • "Little Apple!"
  • "No, that's little apple."
  • (cover by Orange blown) "I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that pesky Knife."


  • Since Wishful Thinking, he considers Marshmallow as his best friend.
  • The Fruity Question of the day in No More Mr. Knife Guy said "Who would win in a battle of cuteness: Marshmallow or Midget Apple?"
  • Midget Apple stated on Facebook that "Tiny Apple" and "Small Apple" are accepted nicknames; it can be any synonym of "little" as long as it's not "midget".
  • There is an apple cultivar called "Midget Crabapple", which is possibly the origin of his name.
  • He, along with Pear, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, and Grandpa Lemon are so far the only main characters who started as minor characters.
  • His photo picture is a monster truck.
  • Despite the fact that he is little, he seems to like extreme sports, like his theme song shows.
  • According to his theme song, he can play the guitar.
  • The decals on his truck reads "Midget Apple".
  • He Glows red when he has a bath.
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