Grapefruit is a character in the Annoying Orange series who first appeared in Passion of the Fruit. Despite being halved in his debut, he has made more appearances since, being revived in Frankenfruit and becoming the new roommate of Orange in Best Fiends Forever.

Grapefruit was played by Robert Jennings. He is also currently a main character in the series. Grapefruit is depicted as a chubby, cranky, bad-tempered, tightfisted and foul-mouthed anthropomorphic grapefruit.

If you notice in the episode "Grapefruit's Revenge" his sister falls onto the stove just like how he did in "Passion of the fruit".


He has the personality of a bodybuilder, as he likes to flex, and also uses bodybuilding terms a lot and even knows how to squat despite not having any legs. In Best Fiends Forever, he is shown to be very tightfisted, since he bullied Marshmallow by burning his picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss. He is also very flirtatious with female fruits, notably Passion, who rejects him in digust. He also likes to impress others, particularly the female fruits (e.g. Passion Fruit).
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Passion Of The FruitEdit

Grapefruit had a romantic interest in Passion Fruit when before arriving at the kitchen, but Orange started calling him fat and Chubby McChubby Orange, so he started swearing and giving Orange put-downs with Orange annoying him back. Unfortunately for both of them, Passion lost her cool and shouted at both of them. Soon after, he is killed when Dane Boedigheimer slices him in two, seasons him with sugar, and scoops out his insides while Passion and Orange watched in horror.


Grapefruit later appeared in Frankenfruit as the head of the titular monster. Before he could do anything to Orange or Pear, he along with the other fruits that make up Frankenfruit were attacked by the Halloweenie. In the end it is shown that he along with Gourd and Grandpa Lemon survived the attack from the hot dog.

Theme Song Attack!Edit

Grapefruit appears as a cameo in Orange's theme song fighting Orange with a lightsaber with Pear on Orange's side. He uses a red lightsaber.

Wishful ThinkingEdit

Grapefruit later appeared in Wishful Thinking when he is seen in the world with no Orange, beaten up by Midget Apple over Passion Fruit. He claims that he was beaten up by giant watermelons with machine-guns and managed to take out nine of them, but a strawberry claims that it was only just Midget Apple. Grapefruit, as Midget Apple has said himself, says "that's Little Apple!".

Wazzup BlowupEdit

Grapefruit joined the gang in the Wazzup! chant in this episode. He disappears after Cob explodes but it is presumed he was also covered by the popcorn remains.

Best Fiends ForeverEdit

Grapefruit appeared in Best Fiends Forever when he bullied and angered Marshmallow by lighting a fire at Princess Butterflykiss's photo. Marshmallow literally explodes, which catapulted Grapefruit out of the kitchen and setting it on fire.

Kung FruitEdit

Grapefruit sees Coconut trying to take over the kitchen but was instantly overpowered by Coconut and was made jester. He had to make Coconut a chocolate milkshake. He was freed alongisde the other characters.

April Fruits DayEdit

Grapefruit puts on a Midget Apple costume to trick people but his costume cracked into revealing him. Grapefruit states that it's not surprising anyway as it is corny. (Marshmallow and Pear has revealed that trick before him)



Main article: Orange

When Orange and Grapefruit firstly met, they fought a lot, with Orange calling him "Chubby McChubby Orange" and Grapefruit swearing. After Grapefruit came back to life as the head of Frankenfruit, he became the new roommate of Orange. Orange and Grapefruit don't argue much but in the TV series they still have some conflicts if anything they are Frenemies.


Main article: Pear

Pear was shown to be Grapefruit's previous enemy, but in the presence, Pear doesn't seem to hate Grapefruit as much anymore.

Midget AppleEdit

Main article: Midget Apple

Midget Apple is not on good terms with Grapefruit, and he was offended by having a nickname Baby Apple.


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Marshmallow used to like Grapefruit, but he disliked him after he burned a picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss.

Passion FruitEdit

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Passion Fruit met Grapefruit at the store before they were purchased and Grapefruit wanted to date Passion but she possibly refused. Grapefruit, however, still longs to get a date with Passion.



  • "You better put me down right now, or your gonna see some kung-fu voodoo!"
  • "I'm a (bleep) grapefruit! You know what that means?"
  • "Hey, Orange, I'm talkin' to you! How many squats can you do, huh?"
  • "Hey, Passion! Wanna watch me flex?"
  • "Say it, smarty-pants!"
  • "Hey, (bleep)!"
  • "It means I can kick your (bleep) six ways from (bleep)!"
  • "That's right. You're a grape."
  • "Hey, roomie! Wanna wrestle for the top bunk?"
  • "Well, what do we have here?"
  • "Ooh!"
  • "What? Like you guys are so original."
  • "Oh I'm sorry, I'm too busy flexin'!"
  • "It's Halloween, 'ya moron!"
  • "Ooh, shut your pie-hole, Rhubarb (laughs)"


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