Welcome one, welcome all

Thank you for viewing the Annoying Orang-E wiki, sure the title may sound robotic but it is to show that this wiki is only for the internet series. A little background information for you on the wiki, this wiki was created when I, Knife!, realised how the original Annoying Orange Wiki created by KooKooManGuy was falling to pieces with vandals and all the attention going to the TV shows so I decided to open up this and it is turning out to be a good idea but the lack of members worries me, if you have an account but aren't logged in could you log in and those without an account could you make one? - Knife!

Notable users, some retired

Knife! - Founder of the wiki

Bryce53 - Editor on previous wiki, made the wiki 10 times better

Brainulator9 - Without him, nothing would have happened

Spidey665 - Contributor on old wiki, helped the wiki grow

Darkapple - Administrator on this wiki, contributions may not be the best but still good.

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